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DARYL NFIHNYU NDI 27 August 2014 ~ May 14 2016 The Twins' Mother Lying sick in hospital, paralyzed from the waist down  ("lower extremity paralysis")  AT THE CHANTAL BIYA FOUNATION PREMISES IN YAOUNDE FRIDAY, APRIL 24 2015 Here are the LINKS to YOU TUBE & VIMEO versions of the May 2nd 2015 footage I received and posted on this page a couple of weeks back, for the benefit of those who wanted something they could share to help with the "Awareness & Sensitization Campaign"  (DAVIS & DARYL VIDEO, YOUTUBE)  (DAVIS & DARYL VIDEO, VIMEO) PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINK TO DONATE: PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINK TO DONATE:

This page has been created to bring awareness and sensitize the "PUBLIC AT LARGE" to a variety of issues that, in my humble opinion, are noteworthy, so that appropriate action may be taken to address and hopefully redress the situations, issues or challenges at hand. The Expectation is that you will GET INVOLVED, SPEAK OUT, STAND UP AND BE COUNTED, OFFER YOUR EXPERTISE OR ADVICE ... BASICALLY, LEND A HELPING HAND HOWEVER YOU CAN!!! 

DAVIS NGIRNYU  NDI 27 August 2014 ~  July 14 2016 PLEASE CLICK ON  "SIGN IN" BUTTON ABOVE TO LEAVE A CONDOLENCE MESSAGE Message From WICUDA PRESIDENT Informing Members of WICUDA Yaounde Today, 05/15/16 Good morning, dear people of Mbum Land.  Just to inform you that the mortal remains of one of the twins separated: Daryl Nfihnyu who passed away yesterday has been placed at the central hospital mortuary. Removal next week. May his gentle soul rest in peace.   WICUDA PRESIDENT  UPDATE: SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 7 2015 SEPARATE & JUST ABOUT READY TO HEAD HOME!!!  PRAISE THE LORD!! PLEASE CLICK ON THIS IMAGE TO VIEW MORE PHOTOS OF  "THE TUNIS EXPERIENCE" Picture Collage Below: Left Picture taken on August 27 2014, day of their Birth. Right Picture taken on April 17 2015

From: Rose Tanyi  Sent: Sat 4/18/15 8:09 PM To: Egbe Monjimbo 

UPDATE # 1: THE TWINS' PASSPORTS ARE READY!!!!!! BELOW: Left Picture taken during Mrs. Tanyi's Visit to Ndu, Right Picture taken day before yesterday, Friday 05/01/15 after they had spent a week at the Chantal Biya Foundation under the care of Professor KOKI NDOMBO PAUL.  Talk about a marked difference!


This time, the no less SHOCKING message at 1:45 am on July 15 2016 said:  "Wonders shall never end oooooooh. The father took Davis to the village and the child caught a common cold and died yesterday.The two angels are no more!"

This Announcement, (dated July 14 2016), followed from WICUDA YAOUNDE: 

WICUDA Yaoundé announces with deep regret the death of one of our twins, Davis, after a brief illness at the BBH Annex in Ndu this morning. He had common cold and when they rushed with him to the hospital he died. May his Soul rest in peace.

As I scroll down this page that tells the tragically and painfully SHORT story of these two Angels, it is very tempting to go down a "WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN, IF ONLY ..." path, but that is certainly a futile exercise! They never made it to their second birthday, but at least, 2 months exactly to the day, they got TOGETHER AGAIN, JOINED, (not CONJOINED), SAFE IN THE ARMS OF THE ONE WHO LENT THEM TO US ALL for a fleeting moment! REST, MY BOYS; REST!!!!!!

The message that came in at 11:34 p.m. last night (May 15 2016) stated:  "Daryl is no more. He died yesterday. " "Dumbfounded" and "Shell-shocked" are 2 words that do not even begin to describe my reaction to that message! DARYL? The Vivacious, Mischievous, Bubbly, FIESTY and Full-of-Life, DARYL with the sparkle in his eye, and the sheer will to LIVE in his gut???  It was DAVIS we had been nervous about, given that he has experienced quite a few significant health challenges since their return to Cameroon, so I thought that could be a "slip of the pen"; a typo! And then the devastating, incredulous, heartbreaking circumstances surrounding his passing were revealed: The boys' father, having rightly judged that the meal offered to them, ("Kum-Kum"),  was not the best for their delicate digestive systems, stepped out briefly to arrange for a viable alternative and that is when PRECIOUS DARYL fell headfirst into a bucket of water and practically drowned!  THERE AREN'T ENOUGH WORDS OR TEARS IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD, MY BOY! TRUST ME: WE TRIED!! REST IN PEACE!

Just A Couple Of Months Ago!

​November 1 2015

PLEASE CLICK ON IMAGE TO THE LEFT TO READ BRIEF REPORT ON THE SEPARATION SURGERY AS POSTED ON TUNIS-MED FRANCHISE.COM  September 23 2015 (PLEASE Click On Control Button On the Far Right To EXPAND View To FULL SCREEN) UPDATES AT FROM NURSE ELIZABETH NDIKONTAR CURRENTLY WITH THE TWINS IN TUNISIA ... MESSAGE AT 5:04 a.m. (EST) Tuesday, September 15 2015 "They are in the theater right away. Continue prayers." MESSAGE AT 11:01 a.m. Tuesday, September 15 2015 "They have been separated successfully. Still in the reanimation."  PRAISE GOD!!!


Their safe arrival in TUNIS has been confirmed (Praise God). The Pictures below, however, were taken just before the Twins, their Dad Julius and professional Nurse Ms Elizabeth Ndikontar boarded the flight. Sponsored by WICUDA-Yaounde,the Twins' mother, Eveline Ndi was able to make the trip to Yaounde via ambulance, to bid her boys goodbye. By God's Grace, the next time she holds them in her arms, they would have been successfully separated!

Mom,Eveline is REUNITED with her babies after more than 4 months! LIFTING UP HER VOICE IN PRAYER TO THE ONE WHO GAVE HER THE SPECIAL GIFTS SHE HAS IN HER ARMS, WITH INSPIRATION FROM PSALM 91. ​Dad,Julius,joins her in tearful prayer before he and the babies leave for Nsimalen airport. One last look & hug...

Arrival At Nsimalen Airport - Yaounde


Mother of the Twins, who's paralyzed from the waist down.

Dear SakerPride Readers, On Thursday, April 9 2015, I received an email from Mrs. RoseTanyi-Mbianyor née Tamfuh, (Class of '76), Adviser to Cameroon's Minister of Economy, Planning and Regional Development. The contents of the email, as you must have guessed by now, had nothing to do with Cameroon's Economy or its Regional Development. It was a from-the-heart appeal for IDEAS on how to proceed with ASSISTING the family that has the separation of these  PRECIOUS conjoined twins and their mother's paralysis to grapple with! Here is an excerpt of the forwarded email that she had just received and read that caused her to, in turn, send me an email of her own on Friday, April 10 2015. Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Friends of Humanity, I came across this situation and thought I should bring it to your attention. These Siasmese twins ( Dadis  and  Daren ) came into the world on the 27 of August 2014 at the Banso Baptist Hospital. The hospital authorities and the CBC Health board has been out searching for help to separate them, According to the father of the joint twins, it has been difficult. Here is additional information:

1. For seven months now, the mother has breast fed the kids as you can see on one of the pictures 2. For some months now the mother has been paralised from waist to the feet. 3. The father is a small, local photographer and not even able to feed himself let alone feed the family. 4. It is estimated that to do the separation in Germany will cost 10 million FCFA that is about 20,000 U.S Dollars. 5. On the 7/4/2015, the father decided leave Douala and to return to meet the family in His native Luh village in Ndu Sub-Division of the North West Region.

Only God knows how the situation will look like in future. My prayer is that we get involved and be able to give medical advice, financial aid, moral support, and best of all prayers for the family. Please share this with your churches, NGOs, Development associations, politicians, philanthropists and anyone who has a heart for humanity. May the Lord Almighty bless you as you reflect on a way forward for  Dadis  and  Daren . It is most likely that the more they grow, the more complicated it could become to separate them. Ndicho Julius SakerPride Note: The Twins' Names are actually  DAVIS  &  DARYL not  "DADIS" and  "DAREN"  like the letter says. THE "GERMANY OPTION" STATED IN POINT #4 ABOVE IS DEFINITELY NOT A CURRENT OR VIABLE OPTION!!!! Mrs. Rose Tanyi was able to talk with the conjoined twins' Dad, (Julius Ndi Banla), on Saturday April 11 2015. (She actually heard the precious babies clamoring gustily to be fed!!) From that conversation, she established/ascertained the following: - The conjoined twins,  DAVIS  and  DARYL  are both boys born to a Julius Banla (a 38 year old photographer) and his wife, a 33 year old primary school dropout; - Dr. Beri Dimla Ngong (Class of 1970) and Mrs. Julia Sikem Ngoran of Banso Baptist Hospital (BBH) have a mastery of the medical situation; - The Twins are fed with GUIGOZ supplied by BBH. ("Tanyi" Julius was scheduled to pick up a supply yesterday, Sunday) - There are x-rays which could give a more vivid picture of what can be done; - Julius is currently alone with the babies as their mum is seeking treatment for her paralysis in a nearby village; - They have a 6 year old son, Noel; - Their mum underwent a spinal cord surgery in BBH, where she stayed from January to February 2015 and has still not recovered. - National ID cards for the parents, birth certificates for the babies and their parents, all of which are needed for passports to be established, are readily available. (This is important, given that it is clear that the Surgery needed to separate the conjoined twins CANNOT be carried out in Cameroon. - There might very likely be a need for a well trained medical staff to accompany them wherever the surgery will eventually be done. WELL, Unable to remain indifferent in the face of such a heart breaking and pretty URGENT state of affairs, I figured it couldn't possibly hurt to share the information with you all, hoping that some of you, kindhearted, compassionate people will brainstorm and pitch in with IDEAS, STRATEGIES, COUNSEL, CONCRETE LOGISTICAL, MEDICAL (and maybe down the road), FINANCIAL Assistance that will give these adorable, INNOCENT babies A FAIR CHANCE AT LIFE!!! 

 Mrs. Tanyi will be going to visit with all the parties involved this Thursday April 16th, so if there is some element of indispensable information that you - as an EXPERT or "CONCERNED CITIZEN" think would help you come up with a CONCRETE, VIABLE plan to help, PLEASE let me know so I can pass it on, get responses and bring them back to you; (SEE "CONTACT US" Form below right.)

I know that, not just the many NURSES, DOCTORS, & OWNERS OF HEALTH-RELATED NGOs and NFPs amongst us,  but EVERYONE who has read this and seen the posted pictures is capable of lending some form of Assistance, because WE ALL can help share this information till it reaches the ears or desk of someone who  can  help CONCRETELY. Besides, THERE IS NO EXPERTISE NEEDED TO DO WHAT, IN MY TRUSTING MIND, is THE THING that will make things happen, which is: PRAY FERVENTLY that GOD should make a way where there just doesn't seem to be a clear one right now!! Earlier on today, Tuesday, April 14 2015, I got this message via Facebook from a dear, concerned and certainly well-meaning "stranger": "I saw the request for funds to perform the surgery on the conjoint twins at BBH in Banso. I am interested in participating and in sharing in my church community. But I need to know if it is true, ie. not a scam, etc. Please can you provide more information? God bless you!"  Can you blame the poor girl? With all the 419, "I am stranded in Vladivostock; Please send me 2 million dollars"-type emails roaming around the internet??? Thank God she was convinced after she read the details posted above but it struck me that it would be a good thing to try and find some other "independent sources" to corroborate the story. And thus began my rummaging, till I found what I have posted below, which, in tandem with all that has already been posted, should reassure any "Doubting Thomases" that these twins and their parents are REAL! The ARTICLE & PICTURE both come straight from The Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services' own OFFICIAL WEBSITE. Read it for yourself:


The CBCHS is once more in the news following the birth of a set of conjoined identical twins (all males) this time in Banso Baptist Hospital (BBH). The first ever conjoined twins were delivered normally in the CBCHS in 2006 precisely in Kwighe Baptist Health Centre by the nurse on duty, Mr. Munang Innocent, now chief of Finkwi Baptist Health Centre. The one in BBH is the second case of conjoined twins delivered in the over 50 year's history of the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services.  The twins were born through cesarean section to the family of Ndi Julius and Nformi Eveline Bombi, a farmer aged 34. They hail from Njinigo Ndu in the NW region but reside in Douala. The children are fully developed with all other independent structures but conjoined at the abdomen from the umbilical level right below the breast. The children have one umbilical cord but separate external structure such as heads, hands and legs. To determine the internal anatomic structures, Dr. Ngock George who led the surgical operation, ordered a series of medical tests to evaluate the structural relationship while waiting for the surgical separation opportunity. The midwife on duty, Mrs. Gwei Adeline who accompanied the pregnant lady from the maternity to the theatre told our reporter in BBH, Njolai Lawrence that  the conjoined twins are healthy but prays God to bring a Good Samaritan to the rescue of the babies. THE CAMERA'S DATE STAMP DOES IN FACT INDICATE THEIR DATE OF BIRTH: AUGUST 27 2014 UPDATES ON THE CONJOINED TWINS, DAVIS & DARYL  AS OF FRIDAY, APRIL 17 2015

Dear Egbe,

I am writing to inform you that I am back from my visit to the twins and their parents which I undertook on Thursday April 16th 2015. I arrived Ndu and after visiting Eveline, their mum who was sick and hospitalized in the CBC Health centre in Ndu in that town, continued to their home in the company of Mayor Emmanuel Bunyui who, once informed, has given this matter AAA importance.These are the first pieces of information: - The conjoint twins are called  DAVIS NGIRNYU  and  DARYL NFIHNYU  and were delivered in BBH through a Cesarean section; - Davis who is the first twin is dark skinned and smaller in size than Daryl who is a little light skinned and chubby; - For the skeptics (I concede that they have a right to be skeptical due to the prevalence of scam artists) proof will be presented in 2 forms namely,  (1) Documentation consisting of all their hospital reports from when they were not yet born to yesterday April 17th after my visit. I have all their medical reports in the hospital books they are using, which I will scan and forward to you; (2) There will be visual proof in the form of some pictures and a video taken during the visit;

- They are real, I did take them in my arms, cuddle them, play with them, joked with Davis who, once held close sent his tiny fingers towards the direction of my blouse and food and his mouth towards the source. They still need to be breastfed but their mum who is now bedridden can no longer do so;

-They look different from how they were in the pictures we saw of them. Actually they seem to have grown thin even though the report from  Mrs. Ngenge Margaret , Head Nurse of the CBC health clinic who attends to the family reports that they have been and remain very strong and healthy from birth. Just one bout of fever was mentioned that occurred in Jan/Feb. 2015 and was treated. from their records, their weight dropped from 9KG in Jan to 5.5kg in March 2015. I am totally lacking in medical expertise but I keep thinking that their feeding is to blame for that. They still need to be breastfed but their mum who is now bedridden can no longer do so. I discussed possible palliative measures with Mr. Bunyui who readily accepted to look into it;

- Their living conditions could also have some part to play in their seemingly pale appearance. Julius and Eveline Ndi (they are effectively married), had to move in with Evelines's parents. Her father who used to be a carpenter no longer works because of a stroke he sustained which left his right hand paralyzed. He usually is the one left to take care of the twins when their grandmum, who gives them their bath in the morning has gone in search of food for the family and their dad is accompanying his sickly wife for treatment of her own paralysis. I met him at her side in the health centre when I arrived on Thursday.

From discussions I held with Eveline on her sick bed; - She stated going for ante-natal visits to the Douala Mboppi CBC health centre clinic as soon as the pregnancy turned 12 weeks; - The first echography done at 5 months indicated a malformation of the twins and she was referred to the Banso Baptist Hospital; - She followed all advise given her especially as concerns taking iron tablets during pregnancy;. - Davis and Daryl have taken all their vaccines as required ( their hospital records testify to that); 

SOME VIEWS/SUMMARIES FROM DIFFERENT ULTRASOUNDS. - On 26/28/14,just before delivery on the 27/08:  2 foetuses appeared fused at the abdominal around the liver up to the thoracic region giving an impression of thoraco-omphalapagus: - A situs invertus for each twin both live and monochoromic and monoamniotic - A good separation of the hearts each presents a clear heart showing 4 cavities separated by an oily substance; - The lungs appear normal and totally independent for each of the children - Kidneys seem to shared even if they present a very thin separation film - Both pancreases are on the right and appear normal; - The urethras are not dilated - The intestines seem normal even if the slight presence of the colour liquid used in one seems to have found its way into the other, giving the impression that there is some communication between the twins through that organ; - the colon is well distended by the contrast liquid used in one and water in the other.

In terms of perspective: 1)The mayor will be following up on the passport issue next week. The visa process will be launched as soon as the final decisions have ben made concerning which medical facility is willing to undertake the surgery.

Let's keep praying for direction! RT   {Mrs. Rose Tamfu Tanyi, Adviser to Cameroon's Minister of Economy, Planning and Regional Development}

SakerPride NOTE: Cannot THANK this woman enough!! The documents and Pictures she refers to are in the process of being scanned for forwarding,  HUGE  internet and formatting challenges notwithstanding! They will be made available as soon as they are received. Our THANKS and Warm Greetings as well to The Lord Mayor of NDU, Mr. Emmanuel BUNYUI, erstwhile Geography Tutor at S.B.C, the reason (consequently) I know more about Australia & New Zealand than even the Aborigines themselves!! And to ALL who have so far offered their assistance materially, and spiritually, particularly those who are actively exploring alternative medical options for these Precious Babies, all I can think to say right now is, GOD BLESS YOU!


Mayor Bunyui, The Twins and their Grand Ma

Mrs. Rose Tamfu Tanyi with the Twins at home

(At the Grandmother's home)

Lord Mayor of NDU, Mr. Emmanuel Bunyui and the Twins' Dad visiting the Twins' Mother in hospital.

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! CLICK ON THIS LINK & DONATE!!!! NO AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL!! 2 pictures on the left: 4 months ago 2 Pictures on the right: 04/17/2015 WEDNESDAY, APRIL 22 2015          NORTH CAROLINA ~ USA

SakerPride received Complete Medical Records for The Twins and their Mother from Cameroon. Copies have been forwarded to the Contact Person (RN) who is pursuing the MAYO CHILDREN'S CLINIC option and the Contact Person (PharmD) who is pursuing the FAITH GARDENS MEDICAL MISSION possibility.

THURSDAY, APRIL 23 2015 Note from Mrs. Rose Tamfu Tanyi-Mbianyor: ​YAOUNDE ~ CAMEROON

"Our bundle of joy got here {YAOUNDE} safely, even if I woke up at 5 am to follow up and they finally showed up at 9 am. I have been to see them at XXXXX Hotel into which I checked them before their arrival. They are so tired they will be taken to the Chantal Biya foundation for checkup as well as some specialist attention by the end of the day. Their documents for the passport have already been certified, pending presentation at the DGSN programmed for tomorrow. As far as raising awareness is concerned, I invited and met with the WICUDA president who did pay them a visit in their hotel room. After brainstorming and eventually putting in place a strategy for multidimensional support from this end, he has convened a meeting of the Executive to discuss the issue.  I reiterated my willingness to give an opinion. Distribution of roles now holds that they will be spearheading mobilization from home while I pursue with greater assiduity, support proposals from abroad."

HAPPY, ENCOURAGING, UPDATE!!!! Correspondence With Mrs. Rose Tamfu Tanyi-Mbianyor TODAY, FRIDAY, APRIL 24 2015 YAOUNDE ~ CAMEROON

From: Egbe Monjimbo  Sent: Fri 4/24/15 2:28 PM To: Rose Tanyi  Greetings, Dear Sis! I have been wondering all day how things went at the Chantal Biya Foundation, and how the PASSPORT "affair" is unfolding. I hope all is going WELL!!! We continue to pray! ASHIA FOR BIG-BIG WORK OOOOOH! Egbe

From: Rose Tanyi Sent: Fri 4/24/15 5:10 PM To: Egbe Monjimbo 

Dear Egbe, When He leads, victory is guaranteed. He went ahead of us today and D&D are hospitalized in the CB (CHANTAL BIYA) Foundation for strict medical supervision before any traveling. We met the Director of the centre who is one of the best pediatricians in the land and he is taking this up as a personal challenge. We did prepare and give them some cereals and guess what? They gulped this down in no time and started putting up the Oliver Twist act. Imagine how happy that made us! The passports issue will be launched on Monday, hopefully the that fact that they will be coming from the CBF will count for something in terms of expediency. More updated tests are being run on them and the results still awaited. Hope is rising even more. Let's not give up! RT SakerPride Note: The Chantal Biya Foundation is An apolitical, non-denominational and non-profit humanitarian association whose aim is to assist vulnerable segments of the population and combat hardship.  (Link:   )

​De: Egbe Monjimbo À: Rose Tanyi  Envoyé le: Vendredi 24 avril 2015 22h19 Objet: RE: HOW DID THINGS GO? /HALLELUJAH OOOOOOOOH!!!!


To: Egbe Monjimbo From: rose tanyi  Sent: Fri 4/24/15 6:13 PM To: Egbe Monjimbo  Dear Egbe,

It is so humbling, to acknowledge just how broken a vessel I am and to imagine that He still decides to use me. Talk about testimonies! Where will I start from this time?

Prof. KOKI Ndombo Paul, does a thorough physical check up , takes their temperatures and informs us they both are coming down with a fever.  Before leaving the foundation this afternoon, blood samples were being taken to start running tests to find out the cause of the infections causing the fever. If they were back in Ndu no one would have known. I could not imagine what is was. All I knew was that I could not let them just stay there.

Today they are in the best possible place, to be taken care of by professionals round the clock until a permanent solution can be found. Already, the Executive Director of the foundation was informed and scheduled to visit them at 4pm today. A report will be made to the Minister of Social affairs who has the obligation to look for a solution. My problem then will be the bottlenecks and delays in reaction of some government agents who cannot measure the magnitude of damage they can cause if the procedure is not expedited.

They are currently in a private room with their dad and their granny. The First lady bears more than 3/4 of the cost of the treatment of all the children who are admitted there, especially cases like this. That awesome God wished them there, or so I believe. I thank him for once more giving us the opportunity to serve and give him the glory for the lessons learnt again.

Raising awareness and sensitization has gone one notch higher. WICUDA Yaoundé president has called an emergency meeting of all branch presidents tomorrow afternoon with a 1 point agenda, joining the on-going effort to give hope to D&D.

I will keep you updated on the evolution. May you be abundantly blessed.



Dad & Twin Sons Mrs. Ruth Enow (Friend of Mrs. Rose Tanyi who provided invaluable moral support), Julius Ndi (Dad) and Grand Ma. UPDATE FROM Mrs. ROSE TANYI SATURDAY, APRIL 25 2015

From: Rose Tanyi  Sent: Sat 4/25/15 6:23 PM To: Egbe Monjimbo 

Dear Egbe, I did pay a visit to D&D today and the fever is gone. CBF is compiling/building up a medical file for them into which we have given copies of all the scanner and other tests results we had gathered. They are settling down quietly, learning to digest cereals which are added to their Guigoz as food, living away from the maddening crowds and prying eyes. Needless to say their room is out of bounds to visitors. ..."

Nurse at Chantal Biya Foundation drawing Blood Samples for tests, while Dad (carrying the boys), Grandma (standing left) and Mrs. Ruth Enow (standing right) look on intently The Twins' Hospital Books. TO DONATE TO THE CONJOINED TWINS' FUND, PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINK: UPDATES: THURSDAY, APRIL 30 2015 #3: YOU CAN DONATE TO THE GOFUNDME CAMPAIGN FROM CAMEROON!!!


After receiving multiple inquiries from desperately eager to help well-wishers in Cameroon in response to SakerPride​ postings on Facebook, I turned to SAKERETTE MARJA ETCHI MOTANGA who, I had noticed, donated to the Sakerpride GoFundMe Campaign for PIONEER Ma Monica, from CAMEROON! No sooner had I sent an appeal to her for help than she posted what you see below on her Facebook Page. Since then, I have identified at least 2 DONATIONS that have come in from CAMEROON: 

April 29 at 1:41am Hello People, I cannot stay silent anymore! It could have been you or me. These are OUR children as Africans and I implore you all to HELP in anyway you can. If you are in Cameroon and you are wondering how to help, and you do not have a VISA CARD you can do either one of these: 1.) Get a Prepaid UBA card at any branch. It will cost you 12,000 frs and will be delivered to you within 15 minutes!!! You can then load money and do your online payment 2.) Inbox me and tell me how much u r willing to contribute. I will give u my account number and I will pay for you online where you can easily verify at the site. And then, determined to do her part, out came fellow SAKERETTE, Barrister Marion Tabe-Ebob Nkwanyuo CEO of "ENRIMA GIFTS" with a Facebook Post of her own!

Enrima Gifts: April 29 at 3:17am

Dear friends & family, since you're an integral part of our business, we have to keep you updated with our activities. Enrima Gifts & Baskets has a moral responsibility and so we would support the Conjoined Twins Fund project by our sis. Egbe Mbiwan Monjimbo. To do this, half of the profits from all sales between now and the 10th of May will go to the fund. Please show some gratitude for your very own existence today. Support this project by blessing someone with one of our classy gifts and baskets. Whether to a fellow colleague, employees, clients or partners, there's reason to exchange gifts and celebrate this labour day; whether for a birthday, new birth, congratulations, get well or just because, there is surely reason to celebrate someone this time; as some parts of the world celebrate mothers day come May 10th, you can make it more meaningful by blessing your special mother with a gift from us and thereby blessing another mother with your support to the fund. For transparency sake, all orders received during this period would be made public ( except if the client chooses to remain anonymous). Dear people, we cannot afford to be nonchalant. Join us help the children by placing an order today!



BELOW: Left Picture taken during Mrs. Tanyi's Visit to Ndu, Right Picture taken day before yesterday, Friday 05/01/15 after they had spent a week at the Chantal Biya Foundation under the care of Professor KOKI NDOMBO PAUL.  Talk about a marked difference!

Friday, April 17 2015 (NDU, Northwest Region)

Friday, April 17 2015 (NDU, Northwest Region)

Friday, May 1st 2015  (After spending a Week at The Chantal Biya Foundation in YAOUNDE) 

UPDATES ... - DAVIS & DARYL have gained more than 2 Kilograms in the one week they have spent in The Chantal Biya Foundation's Mother & Child Center under the care of Professor KOKI NDOMBO PAUL (See Picture Collage above, made from the picture I used for the last collage, (left) and 2 of those I received just yesterday, 05/02/15, (right) - Their PASSPORTS have been established. (See photographs further above which I have deliberately cropped to exclude the Passport Numbers and other vital information.) - The Search for a HOSPITAL and TEAM OF DOCTORS in the United States who are willing to DONATE their Time & Facilities for their Separation Surgery, (which couldn't possibly be paid for in full), has intensified, and there are some promising prospects which shall be made known if and when they are finalized and official. - Broad estimates of the amount of time the TWINS might have to spend here in the U.S. is between 10 to 12 months. - Once a Hospital and a Team of Doctors are found, there is not likely to be much time between then and the time they would be expected to travel to the States to commence Pre-Surgery procedures. Based on the above facts, it is IMPERATIVE that FUNDS be available when, very hopefully, the time comes for them to seek a VISA, as none will be granted them if PROOF cannot be shown that BOTH their MEDICAL and LIVING EXPENSES will be covered!!  So, if you can find it in your heart to GIVE, PLEASE DO SO! JUST CLICK ON THE IMAGE OR LINK BELOW!


Saturday, May 2nd 2015 At The Chantal Biya Foundation Hospital in YAOUNDE, CAMEROON, West Africa



My Dear Little Sister Eveline, You’ve been on my mind, in my thoughts and in my prayers a lot, more so now that Mother’s Day is just a couple of days away! I cannot even begin to imagine the sort of thoughts that go through your mind on any given day, as you lie on your sick bed, paralyzed from the waist down, and unable to care for the Twin Boys you birthed just a little over 8 months ago now. How you must miss holding and nursing them! How you must yearn for their cries and the baby sounds they make! In fact, I wonder when it is that you last heard them. Have you been able to receive any calls from Yaoundé and hear them cooing and spluttering away in the background? Have you had the chance to see how handsome they look in their passport pictures? Have you seen the videos, my dear? By the way, do you get to see The Twins’ older Brother – 6 year old Noel? How is he faring with you being bedridden and with his Dad, his Twin Brothers and his Grandma all faraway in Yaoundé??? He must miss them a lot! If these thoughts can be racing through my mind as often as they do, I can only imagine what it must be like for you whose everyday reality (24/7), this is! For all I know, someone may even have accused you of that crime JOAN OF ARC was falsely accused of and burned at the stake for! (It's NOT the “heresy” charge I am thinking of here!!) After all, had your precious boys been born in OKONKWO of "Things Fall Apart"'s day and age, might they not, very likely, have wound up in the “Evil Forest”??? PRAISE GOD, this is NOT that day, nor is it that time, My Dear Little Sister! CHEER UP, for there is HOPE for your Boys, and, I firmly believe, for you yourself down the road! There are thousands of us out there who care about what happens to you and to them! MONEY has been donated; FOOD & CLOTHING have been collected; FERVENT PRAYERS have been lifted up on your behalf by so many, which is why, I am sure, the search for a MEDICAL TEAM and a HOSPITAL that will “FIX” your boys for you is almost at an end now!!!  PLEASE HANG IN THERE, Mammie! Do the best you possibly can, to focus on the HOPE that, by His Grace, you’ll someday soon be able to: - Chase Daryl as he scampers away on his own 2 little quick feet, trying to escape a "conk" and a "crack" for misbehaving! - Scream at Davis to "Come down from that tree by the time I count to 10, and the sole of my "sans confiances" and your backside unite!" - Call out to them to come and eat or do their "sums", while they just continue playing with their "Rubber Guns" and keep pushing their "tire and stick" as if they didn't hear you! - Send one to Mr. Boniface, The Carpenter, and the other to Mammy Agatha, to buy Puff-Puff! - Attend their Graduation Ceremonies - from Kindergarten; from Primary School; from Secondary & High School, and then from University!!  (Daryl Nfihnyu Ndi, PhD; Davis Ngirnyu Ndi, DBA!!!!) - Be present at their respective Weddings and help raise their children; Your grandchildren!!! - Be PROUD and THANKFUL to God for the PRODUCTIVE CITIZENS they would have become; MEN who, KNOWING HOW FAR THEY HAVE COME, will turn around and GIVE BACK to their Community and BLESS others, just as they are being BLESSED by the complete strangers who have rallied to assist them now! I am trusting GOD, who has started the "BOLO" by keeping and sustaining them both thus far, to FINISH it for their good, for your good, Oga Julius' and Noel's as well, and above all, FOR HIS OWN GLORY! Happy-Happy, My Dear! God Bless, Sis Egbe Mbiwan Monjimbo


Dear Friends of Davis & Daryl, I held off posting any updates for a while because I was very much hoping that the next UPDATE would be THE ONE announcing "THE BIG NEWS" that a Team of Doctors and a Hospital had been identified to do the much needed surgery for these darling babies. Those hopes were based on the fact that a Texas Children's Hospital Surgeon had indicated his willingness to do the surgery, and had sent the Twins' "DOSSIER" to a Charity organization we all hoped would foot the BILL of the VERY COSTLY operation.(We're talking MILLIONS OF DOLLARS here, Plastic Surgery/Skin Grafting/Separation of Organs and all!!!) They responded that they cannot, due to the High Cost, so right now, the search is on not just to find another institution that could provide funding, but to find other Hospitals both within and outside the United States that could be trusted to handle this delicate surgery either at NO COST or at a COST we can afford to SUBSIDIZE, and AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!  One such hospital in the New York area which is SERIOUSLY considering taking on Davis & Daryl's case has requested, based on the preliminary Medical Records sent to them, that some VERY SPECIFIC TESTS & SCANS be done so they can better figure out exactly what Specialists would have to be part of the eventual SURGICAL TEAM. Those tests are being done right now in Yaounde, and the results will be sent via DHL as soon as they are ready, which we hope will be by the end of this week, the 20th May Public Holiday notwithstanding. Meanwhile, our precious babies are continuing to "BLOSSOM & FLOURISH", as the pictures above attest, under the expert care of Professor KOKI, at The Chantal Biya Foundation. (Remember, they would have to attain a certain weight and be HEALTHY enough to not just make THE TRIP, but undergo & survive the surgery itself.) Meanwhile, what can YOU do? PRAY (with all your might), SHARE THEIR STORY, and CONTINUE TO DONATE!!! It is becoming clearer and clearer, with every passing day, that there will (not might) be untold costs to handle, whether or not the Surgery itself is done PRO BONO, not to talk of the fact that they will need POST SURGERY CARE, even after they return to Cameroon! hat too must be anticipated and planned for, as it would be nothing short of a tragedy, if ALL OF THIS should be done, only for them to "go back to square one" upon their return. BUT we're not even there yet, and so, even as I PROFUSELY THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR VERY, VERY GENEROUS DONATIONS SO FAR, MY PLEA CONTINUES FOR YOU TO CONTINUE TO DONATE!!! 


HOW THE SEARCH BEGAN; MEMO FROM MAY 2nd 2015: A medical plan for the separation of the Conjoined twins Davis and Daryl is now complete per Dr. Olutoye's office. The last part of the plan was from the Plastic Surgeon. The next step is to send the plan to the Hospital Billing Department who will then come up with an estimate. At the same time the Gastroenterologist, the Plastic, Obstetric, and Cardio thoracic surgeons and Dr. Olutoye himself are looking for financial support. (A fax copy of the document is awaited.) When the estimate is out, it will be sent to Ms Laura Hartaway at the International office at Texas Children's who will tell us what part of the costs have been waived and, (consequently), what part we will have to come up with!  (Ms Hartaway is the one who has been assigned to make travel arrangements for Davis and Daryl.) In the mean time, travel plans and accommodations for the twins are being made as we speak by the Hospital Administrator. Per Ms Laura Hartaway's estimate, the process should take between 10 to 15 days. ​On the Cameroon front, because The Twins need to reach an acceptable weight and attain a certain growth, the FOCUS henceforth, (as they await evacuation at The Chantal Biya Foundation where their 1 month stay has already gotten them to the point where they have been declared "CLINICALLY FIT"), is on their DIET so they can attain that acceptable WEIGHT & GROWTH. 


All it takes for anyone to find out how the SakerPride  GoFundMe  Campaign to raise funds for Conjoined Twins DAVIS & DARYL's Surgery is doing, is a simple click on this LINK:

I just clicked on it again and found out that as of  today, Wednesday May 27 2015 , 216  people have donated to it, raising an extremely impressive  $26,044.00  ( $24,623.00  after GoFundMe FEES)!!!! I cannot thank the 215 SAINTS enough - some of them being actually  GROUPS  such as  BONGABI, NEW ENGLAND  and  ExSSA-DALLAS  whose gift is a veritable 9 MONTH ANNIVERSARY GIFT, as it was made TODAY; Neither could I possibly overemphasize  the NEED for CONTINUED GIVING TO THIS FUND, now that it is OBVIOUS from the information posted above, that, WHILE THE SURGEONS/MEDICAL PERSONNEL ARE OFFERING THEIR SERVICES PRO BONO, ONLY A PART OF THE TOTAL COST OF THE TWINS' SURGERY AND OTHER RELATED MEDICAL EXPENSES WILL BE WAIVED!!! THE REST OF THE COST WILL HAVE TO BE PAID FOR!!!!

With regard to donations NOT sent in via GoFundMe, I have discovered that GoFundMe does in fact offer a way to record donations made OFFLINE, NO FEES APPLIED. I have therefore recorded the 7 Donations sent to me DIRECTLY so far, which total an incredibly GRANDIOSE sum of $10,605.00, Ten Thousand of that amount having been donated by a DEAR COUPLE I just lack the right words to describe or THANK!!!!!  SakerPride's ORIGINAL GOAL of $20,000 has therefore already been met and SURPASSED! PRAISE GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!

However, in light of the fact that there are more costs than originally anticipated on the way, and to accommodate the considerable number of PLEDGES that have yet to be fulfilled, I have updated/revised the GoFundMe Campaign's target to $40,000 for the time being, ahead of the actual figures from The International Office at Texas Children's Hospital expected later this week, which are VERY LIKELY to be considerably high!! (Would certainly NOT want the whole process to come to a Screeching HALT for lack of funds! God Forbid!!!! DAVIS & DARYL HAVE TURNED 9 MONTHS OLD TODAY!!!! DON'T YOU THINK  HOPE  WOULD BE A FITTING BIRTH ANNIVERSARY GIFT FOR THEM? DONATE THEN!!!!! THANKS & GOD BLESS!!!



Please Click On Icon Below To Download Copy

From: Samuel Ndinjiakat  Sent: Thu 6/25/15 11:03 AM To: Prof Koki  Cc: Egbe Monjimbo ; rose tanyi; Felix Oben; Marilyn Simo 

Dear Professor Koki,

Sir, please find attached a copy of estimated cost of separating the Conjoined Twins Davis and Daryl as earlier promised in my last email. Also included is an acceptance letter from Texas Children’s Hospital of Houston. I am forwarding the email from the Texas Children’s below at the end of my email.

I want to thank you again for your patience and for the good work you and the Chantal Biya Foundation are doing. We appreciate your patience. On this end, it is our hope (myself, Ms. Monjimbo, Dr. Oben and many others) to see Davis and Daryl go through a successful surgical separation. We continue to make contacts, soliciting help and contacting hospitals give to HOPE to Davis and Daryl. It has been a long month of negotiation between Dr. Olutoye and Texas Children’s Hospital in terms of reducing cost of the surgical separation. What you find attached is after two weeks of negotiations.

I am not new in this area; after working in Cardio-thoracic care for 13 years, surgical procedures are very expensive, not to talk of conjoined twins. I work for Children’s Medical Center of Dallas. The Egyptian’s Conjoined Twins were separated at Children’s Dallas about 5 years ago. When I approached my hospital concerning the case of Davis and Daryl, I was told that they have not recovered from the Egyptian Twins and they did not even review the file of Davis and Daryl. I contacted my former Hospital Medical City Hospital of Dallas which is For-profit Hospital and they turned down the file of Davis and Daryl still because of the post care they provided to the Egyptian twins. If you remember the detail procedure or surgical plan I sent to you earlier, the concerns of all the hospital is preoperative preparation and most important “Post-Operative Care” which nobody can predict. It took two years to care for the Egyptian twins and follow up visit for another two years for rehabilitation even though this is a different case, they still take it into consideration.

I was fortunate to find Dr. Olutoye who understands our situation but he does not own hospital or operation room. I am being told this procedure will take more than 15 physicians from evaluation time to post-operative care. Dr. Olutoye and his partners at Texas Children’s just operated on a similar case as Davis and Daryl 6 months ago and that is why Texas Children’s are saying the price they are offering is the best they can offer.

For disclosure and disclaimer, I leave in Dallas and work at Children’s Health Dallas. I do not have any financial interest in the outcome of the care being plan. Faith Gardens Medical Foundation International is to help solicit free care for Cameroonians in need of such care. We are still exploring other options but as of now this is what we are being offered.

I want to take this opportunity to Thank Ms. Monjimbo for the excellent job she has been doing. It is because of her that we have done what we have done. Special thanks to Dr. Oben and Mrs. Tanyi and Mrs. Marilyn Simo and many others. Our hope is that God will provide and at the end we will give Him the Gory.

Professor Koki, I will be calling you later to personally talk with you. I will be talking with Dr. Olutoye’s office hoping they might do something but until then, let us keep exploring the best option to give Hope to Davis and Daryl.


Samuel K Ndinjiakat, RCIS, MSPAS, PA-C, MSCPM

Cardiac Catheterization Physician Assistant

Heart Center, Children’s Health

O: 214.456.0615


E: samuel.ndinjiakat@XXXXX

From: Hartaway, Laura C.  Sent: Wednesday, June 24, 2015 4:25 PM To: Samuel Ndinjiakat Subject: Daryl Ndi and Davis Ndi Deposit Request - TCH Importance: High

Dear Samuel Ndinjiakat,

I hope this finds you well.

I have received the estimate for medical services for Daryl and Davis. The initial estimated amount to deposit is  $524,069.01 USD , this amount includes hospital and physician fees. I am attaching a deposit request and a detailed list of services and fees.

Please note that this is an estimate for services. Actual charges will depend on patients’ condition during and after treatment.

Please view the attached documents and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Best regards,

Laura Hartaway

International Patient Coordinator

Texas Children’s Hospital International Patient Services

6621 Fannin, A1105, Houston, TX 77030

T: +1 (832) 824-1915


Half a million dollars - the amount required by TEXAS CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL, (See Documents Above), is certainly NOT an easy sum to raise so, it was clear from the get go, that we would need a MIRACLE to acquire that amount of money! Well, that miracle did not happen, but two other "VIABLE OPPORTUNITIES" did present themselves:  THE MAYO CLINIC  here in the  UNITED STATES  &  ST. JOHN'S HOSPITAL  in Bangalore  INDIA . I believe that the emails and documents I have posted below - which I implore you to read through carefully, will show how things evolved (or, better still "MARKED TIME"), from the last update dated JULY 1st 2015, up to this point - September 2nd 2015



From: International Appointments  Sent: Mon 7/06/15 4:54 PM To: 'nchckegbe  Cc: 'emonjimbo 

Good afternoon. I did receive the review back on the twins request of being separated.  Mayo Clinic is willing to support the Charity Care if certain criteria is met.  There needs to be a charitable organization willing and able to accept all financial responsibility for travel, lodging and food. We would need a letter from the sponsor guaranteeing financial support.

We need to know that if we begin this process, that you are not seeking help from another institution. Is there a physician that can send a letter requesting the appointment? The request needs to come from a physician and there will be more paperwork to provide. This will still need to be reviewed by another committee before final approval will be granted.


Sara Freese International Appointment Coordinator E-Mail: intl.XXXXXX Phone: 507-XXX-XXXX *****************************************************************************************************

From:  Egbe Monjimbo  Sent: Mon 7/06/15 6:37 PM To: International Appointments; Chichi Egbe  Cc: Prof Koki; rose tanyi Dear Ms Sara F.

Thank you so much for your letter with the wonderful news that the MAYO CLINIC is willing to support the Request for Separation for Conjoined Twins Davis & Daryl NDI, as long as certain conditions are met.  I just tried to reach you to get a crystal clear understanding of what Mayo Clinic expects from us, but I was told you would not be available till Wednesday. I certainly plan on calling back if I do not hear back from you before then.  That said, because you did mention that you need a Firm Commitment and a Formal Request from a Physician, I am copying, (on this email), the 2 people who can adequately handle both requests: - Professor KOKI NDOMBO in whose care the twins have been since April, and - Mrs. ROSE TANYI who represents the Family of the Conjoint Twins. You should hear back from them in short order. Thanks Again. Warm Regards, Mrs. Egbe Monjimbo ​******************************************************************************* From: International Appointments  Sent: Wed 7/08/15 4:31 PM To: 'rosetanyi'; nchckegbe; emonjimbo;

Good afternoon, ladies.

I am working on sending the necessary form to the physician to complete on our end. Before I can do that I will need a name of a reputable charitable organization that will be supporting the family. This includes travel to and from Mayo, lodging, food, medications. I know that you have stated that money is being raised to support them, but I need an actual letter from the organization. We cannot rely on family or friends alone.

Mayo would need to approve the organization as well. I am not able to give you an estimate of the possible time that the patients would need to be here until I receive the form back which I cannot submit until I receive further information from you.


Sara Freese International Appointment Coordinator ​*********************************************************************************************

From: Egbe Monjimbo  Sent: Fri 7/10/15 11:50 AM To: Dr. Samuel Ndinjiakat 

Dear Dr. Ndijiakat, Just spoke with Ms Freese who is thrilled that FAITH GARDENS is willing to step up to the plate. I asked her if there is any specific format or wording we should be using and she said "NO". All that is necessary is that it should be done ON OFFICIAL LETTER HEAD PAPER - stamped and signed, and that it should say that FAITH GARDENS undertakes to Sponsor FOOD, LODGING, TRANSPORTATION & MEDICATIONS for the Conjoined Twins and their attendant(s). She confirmed that emailing it to her would be just fine, and so she eagerly awaits your letter. The email address is: intl.mcr



From: samuel ndinjiakat  Sent: Fri 7/10/15 11:28 PM To: intl.mcr Cc: Egbe Monjimbo; rose tany; Marilyn Simo ;

Dear Ms. Freese,

This email is a follow up to your conversation with Mrs. Egbe Monjimbo concerning plans for the surgical separation of the Cameroon Born Conjoined twins Davis and Daryl. Thank you for considering the surgical separation of Davis and Daryl at Mayo Clinic.

As requested please find attached a letter detailing Faith Gardens' commitment to financially support Davis and Daryl as far as travel to and from Mayo, lodging, food, medications. Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions.

Sincerely, Samuel K Ndinjiakat, RCIS, MSPAS, PA-C, MSCPM/MBA

From: Egbe Monjimbo  Sent: Mon 7/13/15 10:42 AM To: Dr. Samuel Ndinjiakat  Cc: rose tanyi; Marilyn Simo; Chichi Egbe 

THANK YOU SO MUCH, Dr. Ndinjiakat, for doing this for us. Your kind assistance is very much appreciated. May God in His infinite Wisdom & Mercy bring our collective efforts to fruition. Have a BLESSED week, Egbe

************************************************************************************************* From: International Appointments 

Sent: Mon 7/13/15 5:27 PM To: emonjimbo Cc: nchckegbe

To Whom it May Concern,   Ngirnyu, Davis 94-178-179 Nfihnyu, Daryl 94-178-168

In order to proceed with the Charity Care review process I will need a letter from a physician who has treated Daryl and Davis .  I am unable to give you a specific name of a provider to send this attention to. We have many physicians who would be involved with this patient and until we have complete approval I do not have a name to give you.  Please put together a letter and send it to me attention to: Mayo Clinic Physicians as soon as you can so that the process can continue. Thank you very much,   Sincerely, Sara Freese  International Appointment Coordinator 


From: koki paul To: Subject: RE: REFERRAL LETTER FOR MAYO CLINIC NEEDED URGENTLY! Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2015 10:34:34 +0000

Good day  Madam

I kindly acknowledge receipt of your message , for which I would like to thank you

It is the good medical practice that a referring physician send a letter to the foreseen medical host. It is a purely medical issue, and such a letter contains details that are treated as confidential issues by medical teams 

Please let me have the contact of the receiving colleague from the Mayo Clinic side. It will further on be his/her choice and responsibilty to uncover details to administration as needed.

Have a nice day

best regards

Pr Koki Ndombo Paul ​******************************************************************************************************

From: samuel ndinjiakat Date: Tue, Jul 14, 2015 at 10:22 AM Subject: Contact for Mayo Clinic To: koki paul

All the Mayo CLINIC needs from you is a letter on a letterhead indicating that you are the referring Physicians and will be available to give medical details when needed. Please send the information to the address below.

Here is the address: Sara Freese International Appointment Coordinator E-Mail:  Fax:  Phone:  ​*****************************************************************************************

From: International Appointments  Sent: Fri 7/17/15 12:44 PM To: emonjimbo 

Dear Egbe,

 I did check with my supervisor and we will give Dr. Koki a physician’s name to address the letter to. I will let you know when I receive a letter from Dr. Koki. Sincerely,

Sara Freese International Appointment Coordinator E-Mail: intl.mcr@ ​******************************************************************** From: Egbe Monjimbo  Sent: Fri 7/17/15 2:40 PM To: International Appointments  Cc: rose tanyi I cannot even find the right words to say THANK YOU, Dear Ms Freese! I am very much aware that this is NOT your standard procedure, but you are going far out of your way to accommodate us, for the benefit of the 2 little, innocent ones who badly need the assistance. Praying I hear back from you soon God Bless You, Egbe ​******************************************************************** ​From: International Appointments Sent: Mon 7/20/15 3:33 PM To: emonjimbo

Egbe, This is what I received from Dr. Koki. (below) As I mentioned, I am going to be away starting tomorrow and will return Monday, July 27. Jo Ann Flatjord is my partner and I will explain what is going on and she will be able to assist you. You will be in good hands with her. The next step will be for us to send all the information together to the Charity Care Finance area to review. Sincerely,

Sara Freese International Appointment Coordinator E-Mail: intl.mcr@

From: koki paul Sent: Sunday, July 19, 2015 3:17 AM To: Appointments, International Subject: RE: Mayo Clinic Charity Care Request (SF)

Ms Sarah Freese , good day I acknowledge receipt of your message. Best regards

Pr Koki Ndombo Paul MD Director, The Mother and Child Centre of the Chantal Biya Foundation Tel:+237  Yaoundé, Cameroon


From: International Appointments Sent: Mon 8/03/15 1:59 PM To: emonjimbo

Egbe, Good afternoon. I haven’t heard anything for a while and wanted to make sure that everything was OK. I never did receive a letter from Dr. Koki. Hope you are well, Sincerely,

Sara Freese International Appointment Coordinator E-Mail: intl.mcr@ ************************************************************************************************************************************

Date: Fri, 7 Aug 2015 13:16:22 +0000 From: intl.mcr Subject: FW: Mayo Clinic Charity Care Request (SF) To: koki_paul CC: emonjimbo; nchckegbe

Good morning Dr. Koki,    Daryl Nfihnya 94-178-168     Davis Ngirnyu 94-178-179

I wanted to follow up on the last e-mail that I has sent. The International Office is waiting on the referral letter from you to be able to continue with the process of hopefully granting appointment to Daryl and Davis. Could you please send me an e-mail letting me know if a letter has been written or if the children are no longer requiring our services? Thank you veery much and have a good day.  


Sara Freese International Appointment Coordinator E-Mail: intl.mcr@


From: Egbe Monjimbo  Sent: Wednesday, August 19, 2015 2:59 AM To: Appointments, International Subject: PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP ON US! (SF)

Dear Ms Freese, I know it has been a while, and you must be wondering what, (if anything), is going on. I am so very sorry about this delay that is beyond my control out here, but I did want to let you know that I just got off the phone - at almost 4 a.m, with the Director of Faith Garden Missions who is currently visiting Cameroon. He has taken it upon himself to try and get to the bottom of what is causing the delay in getting the referral letter sent. Our hope is that he will get the letter signed and either send it from there if he can, or bring it back with him when he returns to the U.S. next week. PLEASE, BE PATIENT WITH US. Will give you a call later today. Thank you so very much for being so understanding and gracious. God bless you. Egbe

​************************************************************************************************************************************ From: International Appointments Sent: Thu 8/20/15 9:41 AM To: 'Egbe Monjimbo' 

Good morning Egbe, There is no need for you to apologize for something that is out of your control. I know that you are doing everything that you can to help these children.

I am hopeful that the director of the Faith Garden Missions will have some luck.

Thank you for keeping me posted.

Have a great day  

Sincerely, Sara Freese International Appointment Coordinator E-Mail: intl.mcr@


From: Henry Akale  Sent: Fri 7/03/15 2:05 AM To: Mrs. Felcy D'Souza  Cc: Egbe Monjimbo 

Egbe, I am hoping we can find some alternative help as the American costs are simply astronomical. Not many Cameroonians will earn that kind of money in a life time. You may want to check out St. Johns at: Let's hope for the best. Regards, Henry.

Mme. Felcy, Good morning. Kindly see the attached mail and find out if this operation can be done at St. John's, (or anywhere else in India) as well as the approximate costs. We may be able to appeal to the Bishops of India for some help. Regards, Henry.

From: Egbe Monjimbo  Sent: Sat 7/04/15 5:53 AM henry.akale Cc: Dr.Mainak Deb; rose tanyi ; Prof Koki 

THANK YOU MOST KINDLY, Mme FELCY. To expedite the whole process, I am responding to your email and copying those in CAMEROON who are able to fulfill the requests you have made. You should be hearing back from them in short order. Dear Brother Henry Akale, I cannot THANK YOU enough for stepping in to help these precious babies. Warm Regards, Mrs Egbe Mbiwan Monjimbo

On Tuesday, July 7, 2015 9:52 PM, rose tanyi wrote: Dear Dr Mainak, I am writing to thank you for the promptitude of your response and to indicate our readiness to come out there immediately for the evaluation and the surgery. t will be the best birthday gift we can give the babies in particular and the family in general. What are the next steps we need to take for this to happen. Their passports as well as the means to cover the estimated costs are readily available. Furthermore, permit me use the opportunity this offers to also suggest that we forward to you their mum's medical records for review and appraisal with a view to envisaging the possibility of re-doing the spinal cord surgery that was badly done and led the paralysis. It is our hope that Evelyn can regain the mobility and use of her lower limbs, so she can effectively join her husband to cater for Davis, Daryl and their older brother, Noel is 6years old.. Regards On behalf of the family, Mrs Tanyi-Mbianyor R Yaoundé-Cameroon +237 

From: Mrs.Felcy E. Dsouza  Sent: Thu 7/16/15 7:30 AM To: Egbe Monjimbo; Henry; Dr.Mainak Deb; rose tanyi Dear Mrs Tanyi Mbianyor,

Thank you for your email. I have attached the medical certificate of twins to apply for visa with required details. I had discussion with Dr. Mainak Deb regarding surgery of Daryl and Davis. We wish to inform you that the final cost of treatment of the twins in the general ward should amount to approximately INR 400000 to 500000. This cost includes bed charges, investigation, medication and surgery. The cost of stay, food, commute etc. for the babies' relatives and parents are not covered in this estimate.  The estimated costing that we have done is on the basis of the preliminary medical data available. The cost may vary depending on the actual situation, but is unlikely to be much higher than what we have quoted.  The duration of hospitalization and culmination of treatment will depend on how promptly the twins present for evaluation and admission to hospital. We hope the information above provides you with sufficient explanation.  Please contact us if you need any further assistance. My mobile number is +919xxxxxxxx and Dr. Mainak Deb: +919xxxxxxxxx With best wishes, Felcy D'Souza PRO ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From: Henry Akale  Sent: Tue 8/25/15 12:52 PM To: Rose Tanyi; Egbe Monjimbo; Mrs.Felcy E. Dsouza; Dr. Mainak; Felcy D'Souza  Mme., I write to report that visas for the children and the persons accompanying them were received today from Lagos, Nigeria. We should plan on leaving on Saturday morning from Douala. Arrival at Bangalore should be on Sunday morning. I shall make the reservations with Ethiopian Airlines tomorrow morning.  Regards, H. Akale.


Mrs. Emelda Ndinjiakat (Class of '97 ) and Mrs. Marilyn Shang Simo (Class of '77) with the Conjoined Twins  (August 2015) Dr. Ndinjiakat with Mrs. Rose Tamfuh Tanyi-Mbianyor  (Class of '76)

From: samuel ndinjiakat  Sent: Mon 8/31/15 7:23 PM To: Egbe Monjimbo 

I left USA on July 29, 2015 with very high hope concerning the surgical separation of the Davis and Daryl. Left Cameroon with mixed emotions.

Few days before leaving USA for Cameroon, I was hoping professor Koki Ndombo, the Director of Chantal Biya Foundation will write the letter requested by Mayo Clinic to show that "he was the referring Physician". 

As a clinician, we are patient advocate and that is very simple. We want our patient to get the best care and for me it was that simple. I could not wait to arrive Cameroon to see, hear first hand why the Professor could not sign or write a one statement line stating he is the referring Physician.

Two weeks prior to traveling to Cameroon, I signed a letter with the Letter Head of Faith Gardens Medical Foundation Inc. stating that "Faith Gardens will assure accommodation, transportation from Cameroon, to Mayo clinic and back to Cameroon, provide feeding and medications during the stay of the twins in the US" All that was remaining as required by the Hospital Committee was a letter from the referring physicians being Professor Koki of Chantal Biya Foundation.

I had written to Professor and Mrs. Rose Tanyi Mbianyor, that I will be visiting the Twins on Friday July 30, 2015. Two days after arriving, Professor Koki received me on Saturday July 31, 2015.  He knew I was very anxious to know why the Referral Letter had not been written as promised. We were well received by Professor Koki as you will see in the picture. He is a very loving person who has really dedicated his life to make life better for Children.  Officially, he told us that the Government of Cameroon has taken over the care of Conjoined Twins Davis and Daryl. That their medications, feeding are provided by directives above him. That a budget has been allocated for their separation and the Government will review all proposals and will make the appropriate plans best for the Twins.

This was confirmed by the Secretary General of Chantal Biya Foundation via Phone meeting at Her Secretariat.

On Tuesday August 4th, we met with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Cameroon and we were told that what we were told by the Leaders of Chantal Biya Foundation is true; meaning the Government has taken over. We presented all the plans including the money raised by people of Good will, and are praying everyday to give hope to Davis and Daryl. We answered all questions.  We left knowing that the Government has taken over but without knowing when and where will the surgical separation take place. 

My last word to the PM, a man of Wisdom and I am still praying God will give him wisdom as He makes the decision that will shape the future of two little angels. We pray for the release of Davis and Daryl. We should be the Guardian of the City Angels and to make life better for the Angels. Yes, I left Cameroon with mixed emotions but hopeful that God will not allow those loving people of Good will who has cheerfully contributed to be disappointed. I believe and Trust God will give Hope to the twins. Mayo Clinic the Best in the World is offering to separate the Twins, we have raised enough money to cover Transportation, what is standing on the Way!!!!

I appreciate the kindness and support of the Chantal Biya Foundation, for taking care of the Twins since they arrived there. Special Thanks to Ms. Mbianyor for bringing them to the public. Wow, Mrs. Monjimbo, You are God sent!!! Thank you for all who have supported the course, please keep your heads up and your efforts to bring change. Davis and Davis, Hope is Coming.

Samuel Ndinjiakat, RCIS, MSPAS/PA-C, MSCPM/MBA Pediatric Cardiac Catheterization Physician Assistant Heart Center, Children's Health Dallas

Executive Chair and President of Faith Gardens

Dr. Ndinjiakat & Emelda, with Prof. Koki at the Chantal Biya Foundation Hospital Dr. Ndinjiakat & his wife, Emelda, with the Twins and their Dad. PLEASE CLICK ON ICON BELOW TO READ THE OFFICIAL REPORT WRITTEN BY MRS.ROSE TAMFUH TANYI-MBIANYOR ("FOR AND ON BEHALF OF THE NDI FAMILY) WHICH WAS SENT TO VARIOUS GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS IN LATE JULY 2015

TUNISIA ...!!!!!

WHEN  exactly Davis and Daryl will be leaving Cameroon for their surgery, (having turned 1 on August 27th 2015), I do not know for certain but reliable information as of this morning states that they will be heading to  TUNISIA  "in the next few days".  It is also not yet clear - even though the idea of POST-SURGERY CARE has been "whispered", exactly to what end the funds that have been collected privately - like the SAKERPRIDE-raised $28,000, will be used.  Mind-boggling, Head-spinning and Nerve-racking as some aspects of this whole process have been, we are all hopeful and looking forward to a positive outcome for these 2 precious children -  AND  their MOTHER!  Any reliable/viable/DECISIVE news that comes in will be shared as soon as it becomes available.  THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT, SACRIFICE & PATIENCE. By the way, I am told Cameroon Tribune announced the birth of Conjoined Twin Girls to an 18 year old girl and her 23 year old husband in Bambalang in the North West Region a few days ago ...

God Help Them & Us ALL!!!


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