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SakerPride - "Telling the Saker Story & MORE"

 Saker Baptist College, FROM THE GENESIS ... ...TO PRESENT DAY! January 29 1962 - To Date    A UNIQUE LEGACY 

CLICK ON LINK BELOW TO VIEW "MY MOVIE", COURTESY OF FACE BOOK!!  (Pretty accurate photo compilation not just me in all forms and sizes, but, more importantly, of the things - people actually, that make me tick!

Of all the reputable schools I have been blessed to attend, none has had quite the far-reaching impact or long-lasting effect on me that Saker Baptist College has, and that is precisely why I firmly believe its story deserves to be accurately told and painstakingly archived, and its Alumnae celebrated, so that their worth is not lost on future generations, and the institution's FOUNDERS and STAFF over the years can be recognized and lauded for their SACRIFICE, albeit posthumously, for some. Also, because my "Saker Experience" did not occur in a vacuum but was part of a "larger reality", I have gone on to include some information, events and material that may not be directly linked to Saker Baptist College, per se, but that have a distinct and undisputed bearing on the lives of its students - particularly those who attended the school in the first three decades of its existence. That would explain the existence of pages like: -The  YESTERYEAR  page, - The  NOSTALGIA  page and  - The  ALMANAC  pages. 

EGBE ETONDE MBIWAN MONJIMBO   Class of 1976 - 1981

Committed to telling and archiving  "THE SAKER STORY"  ... & MORE for posterity. MOI ...  IN A NUTSHELL!

<  NOVEMBER 1964: Born to Mr. EBAI MBIWAN (R.I.P.) & Mrs. ELIZABETH MBIWAN (R.I.P.), in Cameroon

<  SEPTEMBER 1969 - JUNE 1976: Attended Government Bilingual Primary School in Yaounde - Cameroon

<  SEPTEMBER 1976 - JUNE 1981: Attended Saker Baptist College in Victoria (Limbe) - Cameroon 

<  SEPTEMBER 1981 - JUNE 1983: Attended The Cameroon College of Arts, Science & Technology (C.C.A.S.T.) Bambili - Cameroon

<  SEPTEMBER 1983 - JUNE 1986: Attended The University of Yaounde, Cameroon, Faculty of Letters and Social Sciences, Bilingual Series. (Obtained BA in Bilingual Studies)

<  OCTOBER 1985 - APRIL 1986: Attended Universite Jean Moulin in Lyon, France

<  SEPTEMBER 1986 - JUNE 1988: Attended The Advanced School of Translators & Interpreters (ASTI) in Buea. (Obtained MA in Translation - French/English)

<  1988 - 1990: Worked as Senior Translator at Cameroon's Ministry of National Education

<  JUNE 30 1990: Married Emmanuel Luma Monjimbo (Currently works with the United Nations, in Nigeria.)

1990 - 1991: Taught English at Lycee Technique de Bertoua, Cameroon

<  1991: Daughter was born (Senior at CORNELL UNIVERSITY)

1993: Son was born (Junior at UNC CHAPEL HILL)

<  1991 - 1997: Taught English at Lycee Technique de Koumassi, Douala, Cameroon

<  1997: Moved to the United States

<  AUGUST 1998 - JUNE 2000: Taught Middle School French in, Germantown, Maryland 

< AUGUST 2000 - JUNE 2007: Taught French at Northwest School of The Performing Arts, Charlotte, N.C.

<  2001 - 2002: Attended The University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC) (Obtained K - 12 Teacher Certification & Licence)

< AUGUST 2007 - DATE: Teach High School French at MCHS Charlotte, NC

Love to  Teach Read Write GOOGLE , and   Listen to Music !!

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